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Based on the bestselling book series, the game "The Inquisitor" presents an alternative version of reality in which Jesus broke the cross and descended from it to punish the infidels. One thousand five hundred years later, His inquisitors roam the Earth, spreading terror among the enemies of the Church.


Our story-driven game takes you to the lively 16th-century town of Koenigstein. There you will investigate a ritual murder. On the trail of the killer, you will visit the dangerous Unworld, find evidence and clues and conduct brutal interrogations. You will also encounter enemies who will put your faith, cunning and swordsmanship to the test.

"The Inquisitor" will be available on the following platforms:

Steam, PC, XBOX X, PS5

“There are no bars and locks better than anxiety and fear”

Story Plot

Imagine that Jesus Christ did not die for our sins, but came down from the cross and, filled with hatred, punished his tormentors.

Imagine Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. Obscure, smelly and merciless. A Europe with a cult of Jesus the Avenger, where the purity of faith is guarded by fearsome inquisitors.

Your name is Mordimer Madderdin and you are one of them. You have come to Koenigstein to carry out a task assigned by the Holy Office. As you explore the dark alleyways of the city, you will encounter dark forces bearing down on its inhabitants. Forces that only a tireless servant of God can face.

The game "The Inquisitor" is inspired by Jacek Piekara's novels, but its story is fully original and was created by The Dust team from scratch.


Mordimer is able to transport his soul to a dark land called the Unworld. The journey is paid with pain and suffering, but it allows the inquisitor to learn the true nature of things.

It is a very dangerous place. For the guardian of the Unworld is the Darkness which cannot be defeated in any way. Only prayer and unwavering faith can provide protection against it.


We are aiming to launch the game on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store. Launch dates may vary depending on the platform.

"The Inquisitor" supports Polish, English and German VO and subtitles in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Polish.

The veil of mystery is lifted. Sinners will meet their reckoning on February 8, 2024.

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